April Featured WOW Story

What is the price of service? Sometimes service can be the cost of a cup of sugar that a neighbor is needing for a cake she’s making, or buying groceries for a family in need; and sometimes, service is the price of one’s time for learning a skill that will later be used to help others.  The latter act of service describes fully the care and dedication to helping others that Cody Schumann displayed in our April Featured WOW Story.

St. Andrews Apartments has a couple of hearing impaired residents, and has recently had two different hearing impaired prospects come in for a tour.  Cody was a bit frustrated having to rely on interpreters to relay everything he was trying to say. So what did Cody do? He took it upon himself to learn how to sign! He spent his own time at home learning to sign from a tutorial he purchased.  Cody has already shown amazing progress and has been able to introduce himself and converse via sign language with our residents and prospects in need of this communication. Needless to say our residents and prospects were blown away!  Cody honestly cares about our residents and prospects and is not afraid to put in the hard work needed to provide them with the best customer service possible. 

Thank you Cody, for truly making a difference.  What an awesome gesture and skill to learn.

Cody Schumann

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