Leasing Meeting full of Whirlyball Fun!

Written by Eastin Isaac, Regional Leasing Manager

Every quarter our Leasing Consultants get together for a Leasing Meeting to discuss our latest hot topics and to bounce ideas off one another. These are always a nice change in pace from the normal day at a community but we always aim to make the Q4 Leasing Meeting especially fun. We take the day as an opportunity to go out and have a good time with each other after wrapping up our regular meeting in the morning. Dallas/Fort Worth’s latest Q4 meeting didn’t fail to live up to the reputation for fun!

The day started off with our Leasing Meeting at Foxborough (donuts included of course!) followed up by a gift exchange complete with some friendly theft of the hottest items. Afterwards, we put on our game faces and headed out for the highlight of the day – Whirlyball! After enjoying a pizza lunch we broke up into teams and got our competitive blood flowing! If you aren’t familiar… Whirlyball is basically a combination of bumper cars, basketball, and lacrosse and happens to be my personal vote for the next Olympic sport – it’s a ridiculous amount of fun! Check out the short video of our group tearin’ up the court to get a better feel for the game!

While I always love an excuse to get together with all of my Leasing Consultants there is nothing quite like the Q4 meetings where we all get a chance to cut loose, hoot, holler, and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition to help bring us even closer! I’m already looking forward to the next meeting! I’ll see you on the court, team!

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