Written by Chris Griffin, Houston’s Regional Leasing Manager 

Venterra is a firm believer of teamwork and cross-training to understand what each team member does. In our Houston region, we used the Q2 Leasing Meeting as an opportunity to put this into practice. Our leasing consultants say they know what is done in an apartment after a resident moves out to get it ready for the next resident to move in…but do they really?

We surprised the leasing consultants and did not tell them what Q2’s meeting consisted of, only to dress comfortably. We took the unsuspecting yet eager crew to an apartment and told them they were “trading places” with the maintenance team for the day.  Everyone was excited and jumped into the make ready, working together and problem solving to provide the most perfect product possible.

We worked on the plumbing, changed toilet seats, stripped and re-applied caulk, and installed cabinet doors. Sweaty, dirty, and tired, the crew was all smiles and enjoyed getting a better perspective about what our maintenance teams do and what really takes to get an apartment ready!

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