Best Cities for Job Seekers ran the interesting article “Best Cities for Job Seekers” which listed the top 10 U.S. cities for career opportunities . The rank was based upon income, population growth, unemployment rate, and cost of living.  We are excited to say that Venterra Realty has apartment communities and multiple job openings in five of the top ten cities! In Houston alone Venterra has 16 properties & counting. If you are ready to make an exciting career move, Venterra is the place to be!

Here is a list of the top ranked cities:

Ranked #1

Austin, Texas


“With the highest percent growth in population and the lowest unemployment rate, Austin is a clear winner as the best choice for job seekers.  The median income is moderately high, and the cost of living is low.  Job seekers should check out this fast-growing city, particularly for jobs in the burgeoning tech industry.  Large tech company Dell is headquartered there, and companies like Apple and Google have offices there as well.  IBM has a large research center in Austin, and biotechnology is a growing field as well.” (

Venterra communities in Austin  

Ranked #5

Houston, Texas


“Houston’s recent high population growth and moderately low unemployment rate shows that this city is extremely friendly to job seekers.  With its low cost of living, the city is affordable for new residents and renters.  Houston is a hub for healthcare research, manufacturing, aerospace (the city is home to a NASA research center) and alternative energy.”(

Venterra communities in Houston

Ranked #6 and #7

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas


“Fort Worth’s upsurge in population, low unemployment rate and low cost of living make it a great place for job seekers.  Although the median income is low, so is the cost of living.  Fort Worth is home to American Airlines and employs many in the airline and manufacturing industries.”(

“Texas sweeps the board with perks for job-seekers, and Dallas is no exception.  With a low cost of living and low unemployment rate, the city is friendly to job seekers.  Known as the “Silicon Prairie,” Dallas is home to many tech companies, and it’s very near the Telecom Corridor, a hub for telecommunications manufacturing.”(

Venterra communities in DFW

Ranked #9

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio

“San Antonio has a very low unemployment rate and a low cost of living, making it a better option than most for job seekers.  San Antonio is rapidly growing in the field of cybersecurity and information technology, with more than 80 information-technology and cyber-related businesses in the city.  San Antonio’s economy is focused on financial services, healthcare and defense.  The defense industry employs over 89,000 San Antonio residents.”(

Venterra communities in San Antonio  


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