Today’s job market is highly competitive. Securing a great position is all about how you present yourself and what you wear to an interview can make all the difference.

What should I wear?

When choosing your interview outfit be sure to look for something conservative. You can never go wrong with button down shirts, suits, blouses, blazers, below the knee skirts, and dress pants.

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What are the interview attire rules?

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Don’t wear anything too revealing:

Try to avoid anything low cut, too tight, too casual, or sheer. If you would wear it on a night out on the town, don’t wear it to your interview. Make sure your interview clothes are clean & wrinkle fee.

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Don’t go crazy with the Makeup & Accessories:

Ladies- Delicate jewelry and natural looking makeup are your best options. Keep nails clean & polished. Avoid extreme nail colors, lengths, and styles.

Men- Facial hair should be well groomed. Remove earrings, piercings, and cover any visible tattoos.

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Don’t show up in casual or inappropriate shoes:

This means no flip flops, 6 inch heels, or sneakers. Wear a nice pair of dress shoes or closed toed heels. Make sure your shoes are polished and not tattered.

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Follow these tips, and you’re sure to pass the style portion of your next interview!



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