2013 San Antonio Race for the Cure!

2013 San Antonio Race for the Cure


The San Antonio region participated in their SGK Race for the Cure on Saturday, April 6thThe Team raised a total of $1395! Special thanks to the fundraising efforts of Jaime Galvan, raising $775, Joey Bruce, raising $375, and Jessica Walkup, raising $245!  San Antonio kicked off the Venterra Race season…but there are more to come!  

Thanks to the following people for participating in San Antonio’s Race:

Sarah Arzola
Sheryll Autrey
Johnna Bacak
Danny Banegas
Joey Bruce
Stephanie Bruce
Diana Calderon
Melanie Collier
Richard Collins
LeAnn Cordes
Chris Earle
Karlos Flores
Sally Flores
Jaime Galvan
Pedro Gandara
MIchael Garcia
Megan Gustafson
Rogelio Hinojosa
Ina Houston
Keli Jenkins
Crystal Jimenez
Margarita Lazcano
Michael Martinez
Alma Menchaca
Jonathan Moreno
Maitina Morrissey
Amelia Nieto
Jason Perez
Chad Roark
David Rojas
Vanessa Sullivan
Quaehae Thomas
Breeana Tovar
Nick Tyser
Jessica Walkup
Tracy Wall


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