North Florida Race for the Cure!

















Thank you to our teams in the Jacksonville/Brunswick regions for participating in North Florida’s Race for the Cure on Saturday, October 20th. Thank you all for representing Venterra in the Race & showing your support in the fight to find a cure! Congrats to Will Doty for raising $100 in donations & also Jason Biggs who brought in a $10 donation for the race!

Thanks to the following people for participating:

  • Will Doty
  • Brian Banalewicz
  • Jason Biggs
  • Patricia Calhoun
  • Richard Connell
  • Sarrah Dye
  • Travis Gano
  • Shani Joyner
  • Shari Judy
  • Meghan Martinez
  • Sean McCord
  • Minerva Monder
  • Anne Marie Myrthil
  • Dexter Rendon
  • Erik Scott
  • Angela Wallace
  • Jimmy West


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