The Skinny on Venterra University

Here’s some of the training you can look forward to when joining Venterra!

New Employee Orientation – Our New Employee Orientation is offered monthly and allows new employees to see what Ventera is all about!  This live training webinar gives new employees a better understanding of Venterra’s employee promises, core values and Customer Service vision and values.

  • Customer Service Training – Venterra’s Customer Service course is a one day fun and interactive course offered to all employees.  In this training we focus on the importance of exceptional customer service with every encounter we have with each customer and learn techniques to recover from customer service defects.
  • Leasing Training – Leasing professionals that join the Venterra team will receive extensive leasing training that includes a leasing scavenger hunt, one on one training with a regional leasing manager, leasing 101 and 201 live courses and quarterly leasing meetings.
  • Leadership Training – New managers with Venterra start their training off by completing a Leadership series presented by our very own CEO, John Foresi.  Property Managers and Maintenance Managers are also invited to attend our Leadership conference each year where we focus on our theme and upcoming initiatives for the present year as well as learn new leadership skills.
  • Maintenance Training – Our maintenance professionals are provided industry training to ensure they are most successful in maintaining our assets. We offer employees specialty training such as our Make Ready bootcamps, technical training to include HVAC workshops along with appliance training and our very own Venterra Workplace Safety training.
  • Training through a certified Venterra Mentor – New employees are trained and supported by certified Venterra Mentors who have a committed investment in the successful orientation and training of employees through comprehensive, interactive, personalized training and coaching. Venterra Mentors provide the tools and knowledge to ensure all employees are successful by Motivating, Educating, Nurturing, Training, Observing and Rewarding.
  • Venterra’s Learning Management Software makes training easily accessible to all positions and allows employees the opportunity to take customized online training classes when it is convenient for them and track their individual performances.
  • Venterra’s Bookshelf – Venterra has its very own Resource Library!  It’s fully stocked with a list of books that have been recommended by some of the great minds in Venterra.  By visiting the Venterra Bookshelf you can view descriptions of recommended books, read reviews, participate in discussions, purchase books and much more!
  • Education Reimbursement – Venterra employees are encouraged to continue their education with the help of our Education Reimbursement program. Venterra offers reimbursement up to 3% of their annual salary for educational expenses that directly relate to the employee’s present job or enhances their potential for advancement.
  • Outsourced Training – Venterra encourages all employees to take advantage of professional development opportunities within the company and outside our company by partnering with several reputable training providers that offer classes on many different topics to help you improve & grow in various areas.

2 thoughts on “The Skinny on Venterra University”

  1. I have nothing to say short of WOW! The organization sounds phenomenal and it sounds as though our core values align almost perfectly! I submitted my application for the Clearwater, FL location almost immediately after reading this excerpt. Look forward to hearing from you all soon!

    1. Eastin Isaac, Recruiter/Brand Specialist, Experience Leader

      Jonathan – Thanks so much for your interest and for your kind comment! We’re happy to hear that you feel like your values are in line with ours. We’ve received your application and will be in touch soon! Thanks again!

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