Better Living Starts with YOU!

Better Living at Venterra

We are excited about a contest that will begin in 2013 that encourages employees to make smart long-term decisions that will improve their mental and physical health and encourage people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives outside of work. In doing so, our employees are better able to achieve their fullest potential and in turn, drive success within Venterra. Some of the key activities we are trying to encourage include eating better, weight reduction, quitting smoking, reducing debt and achieving goals related to something they’re passionate about.

Each employee sets their own personal goals on our intranet site & other employees can help cheer them on! While it’s not a requirement to participate, Venterra is giving away over $4,000 in cash prizes for those that do. It’s a win-win…our employees reap the benefits of Better Living & can walk away with lots of cash!

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