Q2 High Achievers

We are very excited to announce that STEPHANIE BURNS, the Assistant Manager at Pebble Creek and JULIO CERNA, the Maintenance Manager at Pebble Creek are the winners of $1000 CASH or $700 + 2 airline tickets to anywhere in the Continental US. They both have shown 1 YEAR of consistent HIGH ACHIEVER performance! WOW!

Maintenance Manager High Achievers

The Maintenance Manager High Achievers award is designed to recognize those individuals that perform to the top of their peer group. It is based on  Maintenance accountabilities to include Make Ready Performance, Service Request Performance, Maintenance Audit Score and Financial Performance. These accountability scores are averaged together to create a single property score. The top 10% scoring Maintenance Managers  receive the High Achievers designation.

Congratulations to:

(as listed above from left to right: Jimmy, Terrell, Jose Torres, Ryan, Leland, Jose Padilla & Joe)

Property Manager High Achievers

Each quarter, all PMs will be ranked using their combined accountabilities score.   The top 10% (roughly 4) will make up the High Achievers for that quarter.  Where there is a tie, all are considered High Achievers.  Accountabilities are defined as:

  • NOI Targets – Revenue
  • NOI Targets – Controllable Spending
  • Customer Service Scorecard Inside
  • Customer Service Scorecard Outside
  • Customer Service Scorecard External
  • Quality of People (Inside and Outside)

Congratulations to:

Assistant Property Manager High Achievers

APMs must make the Gold Star List each month and have the lowest average (for the quarter) delinquency within their assigned group while staying within the monthly delinquency targets.

Delinquency Groups – Four groups have been created to normalize for collection difficulty.

Congratulations to:

(as listed above from left to right: Brandi, Stephanie, Stacey, Erica, Allison, Kristi, Cristina) 

Group A 

Brandi Polvado, Willow Springs –  0% (7th consecutive – $525)
Stephanie Burns, Reserve at Pebble Creek – 0% (4th consecutive – $700 + 2 airline tickets or $1000 CASH)
Stacey Shropshire, Somerset at Spring Creek – 0% (2nd consecutive – $375)
Erica Clary, Riverstone – 0%

Group B 

Allison O’Brien, Ravinia – 0%

Group C

Kristi Mumford, Regency Park – 0%

Group D

Cristina Canales, Wilshire Place  – .06%

Leasing Consultant High Achievers 

Leasing Consultant High Achievers are determined by measuring one core performance metric; the number of leases obtained during that quarter.  The top two leasers of each category, properties with occupancies above 94.5% and below 94.5% are awarded the designation.

Congratulations to:

(as listed above from left to right: Lisa, Marco, Trish, Haley, Brenda) 

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