On-Site Employee Appreciation Week

Words alone cannot convey the amount of appreciation we have for our on-site teams during these challenging times, but we’re hoping that an On-Site Employee Appreciation Week including spiffy new #BetterTogether t-shirts, heartfelt videos, and lots of other fun surprises can at least get us close! We were honored to kick off our on-site employee appreciation week with the below tribute from our on-site teams’ biggest fans throughout our corporate offices in the U.S., Canada, and Ireland!


onsite employee appreciation week better together


Additional surprises this week have included video messages from members of our executive team including Venterra COO, Richard Roos, Chairman, Andrew Stewart, and CEO, John Foresi, customized Microsoft Teams backgrounds designed to remind employees of how much they’re appreciated while chatting virtually, Regional Manager deliveries of all types of meals and treats, and shipments of Venterra and #BetterTogether goodies (with more to come)!

Although we might be apart, we’re still #BetterTogether. No matter the situation, our on-site team members are constantly delivering an amazing experience to our residents and each other, and, for that, they are truly appreciated!

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