Regional Property Management Jobs in


Houston, TX

Committed to Improving Lives

When you are searching for a Regional Property Management Job in Houston, consider Venterra Living. Founded on a set of core values that broadly define our company, our Houston team is committed to improving lives by putting our dedicated and hard-working employees first. Our promises represent who we are as a whole and what is expected from every employee. These promises are the underlying success of what makes our company a great workplace.


To maintain a great work environment, we invest in our employees the same way we invest in our residents. We encourage living to your fullest potential, whether it’s setting health or financial goals, accomplishing educational goals, or anything you set your mind to. We highly encourage our employees to experience what it’s like to live a better life. We even offer cash prizes for committing to accomplishing these goals. 


Appreciation Goes a Long Way

We recognize the hard work and dedication our employees are committed to while working with us, and we strive to show our appreciation. With our annual Kick-Off Party, we make working for us fun by celebrating success across the board. This is our turn to thank every employee for their loyalty to Venterra with awards, prizes, and a great time – keeping the company morale healthy.

Our Promise to You

Our team aims to make our workplace great with our Employer Promise with our dedication to our Core Values. We promise that you will be treated with respect, you will have a voice, we will invest in you, we will provide feedback for you to become a stellar employee, we will celebrate success and appreciate our employees, and we will strive to ensure you have the tools you need to be successful.


Join an A-Class Regional Property Management Team in Houston, TX

We are currently looking for great people who are eager to advance their careers off-site in one of our corporate roles, including Regional Managers and Regional Maintenance Managers.

Skills we are looking for:


  • Focused on the details
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Ability to take pride in getting results
  • Balance competing demands
  • Desire to create a strong team and a positive work environment
  • Strong personal values


If you have these abilities, then you may be the perfect fit for our company.


Ready to Apply?

If you are searching for award-winning jobs in Houston, Texas, at a company that values its employees, then we look forward to hearing from you. With employee perks such as a 401k match, rent discounts, birthdays off, and a top-of-the-line insurance plan in addition to everything else we offer, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Check out some of the best jobs offered and make a career with us.


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