New Paid Time Off Policies At Venterra

We are committed to creating an environment where our team members thrive professionally while still enjoying life outside of work. The recent improvements to paid time off policies at Venterra, which impact both full-time and part-time team members, allow our colleagues to spend more time with family, pursue goals outside of work, or do whatever they need to stay healthy and happy. 

A great paid time off policy is just one of the many perks of being part of the Venterra family! By taking care of our team members, our communities and offices are staffed with individuals who are engaged, embrace innovation, and are dedicated to creating an a more people-centered environment– making a true difference in our communities and the experience of our residents!

Eliminating Waiting Periods

As an industry leader, we are committed to providing benefits that improve our team members’ lives. The newly implemented PTO policies are a testament to this commitment —team members no longer have a waiting period to start accruing their vacation days, and those who join Venterra through acquisitions receive PTO benefits based on the length of service with their previous employer.  

Lowering the Threshold for Vacation Accrual

We know that taking a break and spending time with family or friends is essential for personal growth and happiness. That’s why we lowered our second vacation accrual threshold from four years to three – after only three years of service, our team members are can earn up to 15 days of vacation time annually instead of ten. On top of that, the maximum vacation accrual rate has been increased; get the vacation time you deserve for all your hard work! And, all full-time and part-time employees  now have a wellness day that can be used as needed at any point during the year, helping ensure their continued well-being.

Venterra Offers Top Perks in the Multifamily Industry, and We’re Now Hiring

We are now hiring, and our commitment to improving team member benefits is unparalleled. Our recently implemented PTO policies recognize that full-time and part-time team members should have opportunities to take time off for rest and recuperation throughout the year. Waiving waiting periods, adding a wellness day, increasing vacation earnings, providing vacation time for part-time team members, and lowering the threshold for second-tier accrual from four years to three years are ways we’re helping our team to make the most of their time off. Our ongoing efforts to improve the experience of our employees are a big part of the reason that Venterra has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Real Estate

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