Venterra Realty provides competitive paying maintenance jobs in Fort Worth. We have a culture of success, and have lots of properties in the area that make for plenty of opportunity for work. At Venterra, we have a “team-first” culture that not only encourages leadership from all of our employees, but it aims to promote the growth of every individual on the team.

There are many reasons to work at Venterra. From our culture and values that make coming to work everyday something our employees enjoy, to our commitment to make a difference in our community, we believe that success begins with our employees. We even provide a “Better Living” program for our employees that allows them to set goals, and earn extra income as they hit those goals and excel through our company.

We believe that training is one of the key ways to get our employees used to the demands of our maintenance jobs in Fort Worth. We have a mentor program that aims to showcase how to perform the required tasks, and even have a digital library you can reference in case you get stuck with something. We are also proud to say that 75% of our regional and corporate employees were promoted from within, making a better life for you possible with hard work and goal setting.

If you are someone that cares about doing good for others, you will love working at Venterra. We support many local charities, encourage our employees to give back however they can, and are proud to have joined up with a number of other organizations that also want to do good in the community. Organizations like Feeding America and Habitat for Humanity do great work in the Fort Worth area, and we are proud to say that our employees do their part by donating their time to these great organizations.

So what makes our maintenance jobs in Fort Worth the right fit for you? Our company is structured so that our employees have every tool at their disposal and are set up for success. We are a fast-paced company and are always looking for the very best Fort Worth has to offer. With fantastic growth opportunity and a friendly team that you’ll enjoy working day-to-day with, we believe that no other company in the area can offer their employees that same level of satisfaction as we can.

If you think you have what it takes, then we encourage you to apply for one of our maintenance jobs in Fort Worth today! Head over to our Apply Now page where you can see a full list of positions available, and follow the steps to submit your information. You can also see our hiring process so you can understand the steps we take to find the best applicants.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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