A career wasn’t what I thought I was beginning when I started at Venterra in May of 2014. However, through great leadership, strong Core Values, and a company culture dedicated to team member development, a career is exactly what I began.  

While working on my degree, I needed a side hustle to help with my living expenses and provide some extra spending money to finance my disdain for hot dogs and ramen noodles. I answered Venterra’s job board posting for a part-time leasing consultant in Atlanta where I was going to school. I thought it was a perfect fit since I could work weekends, the schedule was flexible, and success hinged upon helping people who were probably in similar situations as I was. However, I didn’t immediately hear back and had forgotten about my application. I was probably a day away from becoming a bartender or maybe one of those bicycle couriers that race through city streets to deliver a hoagie in 10 minutes or less, when I got the call for an interview with Venterra.  

It may have been by chance that I landed at Venterra for my college job, but it wasn’t by chance that it became my career. As I reflect on how much we’ve scaled over the last nine years that I’ve been a part of the team, I can’t help but think of how much of what I loved about the organization in the first place has stayed the same. What remains true are Venterra’s Core Values and the way they guide us as we navigate growth and scalability.  

Venterra’s success as an organization includes our ability to recognize potential in an individual, invest in their development, and help facilitate their growth so that they can reach their professional and personal goals. When you’re committed to cultivating talent and providing clear pathways to success, you create a positive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It’s the type of company culture that keeps me excited about coming to work and looking forward to what the future holds. 

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