I joined Venterra in December of 2006 looking for a company that I could grow with and make a lasting home for myself. At the time I had been working as a HR/Payroll specialist for another management company for over 3 years. Even though I was treated well there, I had felt my head hit the glass ceiling several times. I found out about Venterra through my brother who knew someone working for Venterra. I showed up to my interview days later and to my surprise right then and there I got a job offer! The community manager said that he saw my potential and wanted to bring me on board with the company.

In my first year as a leasing consultant, I was recognized as Leasing Consultant of the Region. A little more than a year later I was promoted to Assistant Property Manager of Ravinia and then shortly after as Assistant Property Manager of The Vanderbilt. As my knowledge of the business grew, I was given the opportunity to provide guidance and support to others in my position when I was named as the Assistant Property Manager Mentor for the Houston region. This was a challenge for me as I already had accepted the task of managing collections at one of our toughest assets, but it was something that was important for me in my development and thus I accepted what came with it wholeheartedly. About a year and a half after being promoted to Assistant Property Manager, I was promoted to Property Manager of Ravinia and was awarded Property Manager Rising Star for the Houston region. I worked as a Property Manager for two years which as I look back now was one of the most rewarding times in my life and career. I learned so much and as a Property Manager and was in a position to be able to give back to my team and residents. Just as I had started to get comfortable, I was offered the Regional Maintenance Manager position for the Houston region. I was surprised at the offer but I have never been the type to turn down a challenge. I have since been working hard to prove myself worthy of this great responsibility and to show my appreciation for this opportunity.

The point of my story is that with a little luck and a property manager that recognized my potential, I got into Venterra. With hard work and determination, I have been able to climb through the ranks. None of this would have been possible if Venterra did not provide these great opportunities to shine and nurture people like myself. Venterra provides so many training and advancement tools to help us grow within the organization and become a successful part of the Venterra family where I personally hope to be for years to come.

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