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Exciting changes are happening within our CapEx and Engineering Teams! We are proud to announce two promotions within the CapEx Team and a new approach to how we operate. Moving forward, our Engineering Department and Venterra General Contracting will merge to become General Contracting Services (GCS), an all-encompassing unit overseeing all Capital projects. With GCS, we are establishing a true General Contracting model that will ensure the efficient execution of projects while still pursuing specific projects as the General Contractor. This single cohesive group has two independent areas of focus: Project Management and Strategic Planning. We are thrilled about this new structure’s possibilities and can’t wait to see the results.

Project Management

As we move forward, all assignments for Project Managers will remain the same. We know that our Project Managers are vital to our success. If you can execute our capital projects with precision and attention to detail, essential to achieving our goals, then this position is perfect for you. We understand that Project Management is challenging, but our team of dedicated and experienced Project Managers is up for the challenge. You must invest time, energy, and resources to ensure that all projects are completed timely, with quality assurance and efficiency. From start to finish, you will manage every aspect of the project with professionalism and dedication. 

Strategic Planning

When it comes to planning, the Strategic Planning team at GCS knows exactly what to do. You will take care of everything from pre-construction to project planning to budget preparation. You will be responsible for DD, tracking, monitoring, and bidding daily. So if you have what it takes to be a successful Strategic Planner, this position is perfect for you.

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