The Venterra Coronavirus Response

Despite the day-to-day challenges produced by COVID-19, Venterra continues to work diligently to monitor and respond to the evolving coronavirus outbreak. During this critical time, we have adjusted our operations in order to continue to make good on our commitment to providing an industry-leading experience to Venterra’s careers. The following represents an overview of the operational changes made for candidates to aid in reducing the spread:

  • Virtual Interviewing
  • Online Testing
  • Electronic Drug Screen Orders
  • Virtual Prospect Tour Demonstrations for Office Candidates
  • Video Maintenance Demonstrations for Maintenance Candidates
  • Flexible On-Boarding Schedules
  • Virtual Mentoring During Onboarding

With the intention of ensuring precautionary measures are in place, we’re dedicated to remaining vigilant in our efforts to safeguard candidates. For this purpose, an effective response will evolve over time and the adjustments outlined above are subject to change.

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