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The Venterra Company Story: How it all started… 

Venterra was founded in 2001 by John Foresi, Andrew Stewart and Greg Finch, three Canadians who saw the potential returns in multi-family real estate in the United States. They saw this as a venture into new territory so the name “Venterra” was formed from the words “venture” and “terra” meaning land. They founded the company based on a set of core values, the basis of how company decisions would be made, people would act and business conducted. Those values are still very prominent in the company today and as John Foresi, the CEO says “it’s okay if you don’t live these values, but you just can’t work here.”

The company originally managed four communities (about 800 apartment homes) in Austin, and Houston, Texas and had only 35 corporate and on-site employees. Venterra has grown to proudly manage apartment communities in 11 major US cities that provide housing to over 35,000 people and 11,000 pets. We are proud of our Venterra company story. We currently manage a portfolio worth approximately $3 billion with a total revenue of more than $250 million. We haven’t just expanded our size; we’ve grown into a company that is paving a new way in the industry, where our employees can really make a difference, career growth is available and where our residents are provided an amazing living experience!


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