Venterra Halloween 2019

Venterra Teams across our portfolio don’t hold back when the October holiday rolls around, and Halloween 2019 was no exception to the rule! Our annual Halloween contests, which included Best Team Costume, Best Individual Costume, and Best Office Decoration, helped provide a little extra motivation for our team members to be super spooky and creative. This year we saw some truly professional-quality get-ups and decor. Don’t believe us? Check out the Halloween 2019 video below […]

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Nerd Fun Friday 2019

Venterra employees let their geek flags proudly fly for Nerd Fun Friday 2019! With glasses taped, cuffs rolled, and pockets protected our team members across the Venterra portfolio came to work a little more nerdy than usual for this Fun Friday! We’re all about making good on our Leader Promise to “make time for fun,” and cutting loose to enjoy events like Nerd Fun Friday is one of many ways we like to make it

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Welcome Board Contest 2018

In keeping our Employer Promise to “make time to have fun” we’re big fans of holding contests at Venterra. Whether it’s showing off talents, coming up with ideas to make the company better, or selecting March Madness picks, there’s no shortage of friendly competition within the company. With our most recent competition, July’s 2018 Welcome Board Contest, employees got a chance to show off their artistic sides in a big way once again! Employees were challenged to turn up their creativity

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Venterra Cares Fun Friday 2018

Venterra teams recently enjoyed another Venterra Cares Fun Friday! During our 2018 Kick-Off Parties each employee was given a brand new Venterra Cares t-shirt to celebrate our Venterra Cares program and our Great Places to Work 100 Best Medium Workplaces win. Teams across the Venterra portfolio and corporate offices again had a chance to get a little more comfortable than usual with the Venterra Cares tee and a pair of their favorite jeans for one of our

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Employee Passion Fun Friday 2018

Venterra Teams showed us where their hearts lie for Employee Passion Fun Friday 2018! It’s no surprise that the things our employees enjoy in their free time are as unique as they are. From water-based employee passions like fishing and diving to landlubber passions like cooking, cheering on sports teams, and hanging with canine pals, Venterra employees covered a lot of territory in this year’s Employee Passion Fun Friday, and we were thrilled to see them

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employee passions fun in the sun.
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