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With our New Brand Launch Week still underway, we’re proud to announce that the next big change has happened…Our Venterra Living site at has launched! venterra logo horizontal

The launch of the new and improved site means sharper and more easily navigated pages, more functionality including new features for current and future residents, and much more. The new and improved has made it easier than ever for apartment shoppers to find their perfect home and for current Venterra residents to enjoy their home even more.

A huge “thank you” goes out to all of the employees who spent countless hours working to develop the site, especially to our marketing and development teams and our Community Managers who were in regular contact by phone and email to help make the launch of the new site a reality.

There are still lots of changes yet to come to and elsewhere in the following months! Be sure to keep following our new branding changes as they roll out by following us here and on social media!



***COVID-19 Updates***

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