managers vs. leadersWe all have our own idea of what a perfect boss looks like, and although there might definitely be some differences if we each could have our way, there’s no doubt that there are some universal qualities that we’d all love to see in a supervisor. Famous boss and entrepreneur, Charles Branson, a Founder at Virgin Group, shared his thoughts on what makes a good boss in his recent LinkedIn article “What Does It Take to Be the Boss? Managers vs. Leaders”.

The short article is a great read for anyone who is looking to sharpen up their leadership skills or interested in seeing how their own boss measures up. In the article, among other things, Charles touches on the importance of both approaches for a successful business, the importance of taking risks, the need for a real passion at work, and how a true leader can change lives for the better.

So… is your boss an manager or a leader? Check out the full article to find out then let us know in the comments below!

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