More Better Living Video Winners!

Our Better Living Program focuses on making a direct positive impact on the personal lives of our employees. Encouragement to succeed in the goals that have been set comes not just in the form of coworker support but also through our contests that aim to reward our most active participants!

In our most recent contest folks were encouraged to include a video with their goal updates so that we could see their progress in action! Although there were lots of great videos, ultimately three winners were selected and were awarded $150 each!

Congrats to our winners who are shown below along with their clips! Thanks for sharing with us!

Gianina Painter- Get Back to My First Love – Gianina’s goal is to get back into her love of singing and songwriting. She moved to Nashville 5 years ago to pursue her dream but those dreams have been on hold since she started her family. She now wants to find that love again and start going after those dreams one more time!

Leigh Sublet – Do Volunteer Work this Holiday Season – Leigh wanted to find a way to give back to her community this holiday season and she found a way to do just that by volunteering at a local soup kitchen in her area. She also invited Robin Finney and Stephanie Gonzalez to join in on the fun of giving back so a huge shout out to them for helping Leigh reach her goal!

Vanessa Ortiz – Lose 25lbs Through Fitness and Eating HealthierVanessa is on her own personal health and fitness journey to lose 25 pounds and find healthier alternatives to the food she loves so she doesn’t feel deprived. She is on a mission to lose weight and feel great! Watch her very creative and funny video to see her work her way toward reaching her goal.

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