Putting Customer Service into Perspective

Customer concept on whiteHaving started my journey with Venterra in the Leasing Consultant role in August of 2010, I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to be considered and selected for two separate promotions during my time with the company. I’ve loved that my pathway has included time at multiple communities and multiple regions.

The movements and growth that I’ve gone through over the past four years have really given me an opportunity to see the way that we operate as a company from several angles, but my hands-down favorite Venterra characteristic hasn’t changed over this time: our determination to deliver an amazing customer experience. This is something that has shined through no matter my change in perspective.  Although it’s a focus that’s highlighted in both our mission statement and core values, I don’t think it had originally occurred to me how far beyond our residents and future residents the idea reached until I had an opportunity to see things on a bit larger scale.

The drive to care for and service others is something that I have seen in all of the best Venterra employees, regardless of role, and it’s absolutely something that I look for in those interested in joining our team. The folks who succeed at Venterra realize that a drive to serve others isn’t just needed at the level where we are working with these traditional “customers” but recognize that it extends much further. It includes serving our investors, our vendors, our team members, and our fellow human-beings.

During my time as a Leasing Consultant my customer orientation was certainly focused on residents and prospects. As I moved into the Regional Leasing Manager role, the Leasing Consultants I trained and their teams were added to my list of customers. And now, in my current role it’s been a privilege to strive to deliver a great experience to those outside the company who are interested in joining us. In finding new service-oriented team members I’m, in turn, servicing our communities as a whole.

This system and company-wide mentality has been critical to any and all of our recent successes and most certainly will continue to be a vital part of our accomplishments well down the road. It a beautiful thing and I’m honored to be a part of it!

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