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Whether someone is looking for a new apartment or considering to renew their lease, renters check an apartment’s online reputation to help them make a final decision.  In fact, according to a recent survey, 80% of respondents indicated they used reviews as part of their search and 73% say reviews are extremely/very helpful!

This year awarded “Top Rated Awards” to apartment communities across the nation. These annual awards recognize properties with outstanding resident satisfaction ratings. Only approximately 5% of properties listed on the site qualify for award consideration and almost every property in the nation is on  We are proud to say that 98% of the Venterra portfolio was given the “Top Rated Award”

Congratulations to these Venterra recipients:  

Amber Place
Blanding Place
Bradford Pointe
Cedar Springs
Champions Green
Champions Woods
College View A
Cypress Pointe
Enclave at 1550
Estancia at Morningstar
Falcon Square at Independence
French Place
Hamptons at Woodland Pointe
Landings of Brentwood
Legacy at River Crossing
Palm Club
Park At Waterford Harbor
Park Manor
Providence at Northlake
Reflections on Sweetwater
Regency Park
Salado Springs
Signature Ridge
St. Andrews
The Pointe
The Preserve at Old Dowlen
The Ravinia
Villa Lago
Villas of Bristol Heights
Waterford at Mandarin
Waters Edge
West End Lodge
Westminster at Buckhead
Willow Springs
Wilshire Place


A big thanks to our dedicated staff for their commitment to customer service. For a full list of award recipients or to read more, visit:


28 thoughts on “Venterra Communities earn the Top Rated Award!”

  1. Dear Stephanie, I am so disappointed with the customer care that I received at St. Andrews. I have nothing but a bad experience since the moment I moved in on last year. Not only, is it over priced for the service you get but the complex continues to have a change of staff monthly! I have given St Andrews paper work to began my notice of leaving over and over again. My original letter started in May of this year yet I still have not received my deposit. My paperwork has been passed on from person to person and now just on today after calling the office 4 times, I was told that my check was sent to Venturra a week ago yet no one s seems to know where it is! I have had the patience of Job with this complex yet no one seems to care! After turning my keys for over a month, I found out that no one had even closed me out of the apartment! And that the person I closed out with was no longer working there! I have never seen such a mess of an office as 10000 Broadway! So here it is, another weekend and another excuse as to why I haven’t gotten y deposit back. Ps. these people wont event return my phone calls! I am so upset with this complex! I want to phone my lawyer because nothing else seems to be working.

    1. Hi Mona,

      Thank you so much for alerting us of your concerns. We apologize for just now responding to your post. We are sorry to hear of the troubles that you have been having with your move out. We will definitely check with the property to ensure that this matter has been handled and if not, we will ensure that you receive proper communication to understand why this has taken so long. We care about our residents both current and previous. Please email us at so that we may best assist you.

  2. Tammi Jones-Stewart

    I would like for the owner or a Corportate Manager to contact me. I am a very unhappy resident and I want out of my lease. Silverbrooke is a Roach Motel and someone needs to contact me ASAP. Tammi Jones-Stewart 713-550-6135

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Hello Tammi,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are having troubles at the property. We have escalated this issue to upper management.


  3. This has been far the worst experience I have had. I move into a property and it is infested with roaches. I tried to stay and see if they would be gone by treating the apartment. I couldn’t stay there due to the infested apartment. When I moved out within the 30 day trial period now I was told I would be refunded my fees and deposits by the property manager. When I call the off I am told I’m not getting the money back. That is not fair. I had to pay movers a second time which I’m requesting to be paid the money back for the movers that I had to hire to get me out of that apartment. I have been told nothing but lies and jerked around. I have lots of pictures of these roaches. The property manager saw them and immediately knew they were German roaches. The apartment was treated 2 times and seem like they were worse when I went to check on things. I put all my clothes in my car does anyone realize or care to make this right.

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Good Afternoon Lytonya,

      We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. We certainly do not want any of our residents to be unhappy with one of our communities. Please send us a message at if you would like to speak further about any issues you encountered so that we can be of better service to you.


  4. I bet you don’t win any awards this year. You raised the price an everything all across the board. Rent,car port, trash pick up, and water. I’m paying $100.00 more a month for the same apartment than I did on the old lease, and no upgrades were offered. The only why I decided to sign another lease was because I was told I could move into another unit that didn’t have stairs hook up to it when one becomes available. Well guest what, one came available, and my new lease has not started yet, I signed a new lease under the impression that would be changing units when one came, I’m now being told I can’t change units and that I am stuck with lease. Ow trust me I am going to be the biggest pain in ass I can be for the next 13 months.

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Hello Brian,

      I’m sorry that you are having troubles with your unit & lease. I have sent you a private message to discuss the situation further. I hope to hear from you soon.


  5. OMG… I am not going to suggest any of my friends to this apartments anymore… they increase the apartment rates, the people who work in the office SUCKS very bad management now.GUESS WHAT NOW… 3-4 residents of silverbrooke apartments robbed of their cellphones… The funny part is the person who stealing cellphones he’s one the resident here… Please everybody needs to aware of this… dnt give your phones to anybody ask if they want to make phone call… I am going to get out from this place when my lease ends!!

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Hello Rosh,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy. We have escalated this issue to upper management.


  6. Patricia Torres

    my family and I have lived at Estancia at Morning Star for a couple of years now. The management staff has always being great, the maintenance staff is five stars but the current management staff is extraordinary. These girls are not only professional but also kind and treat us with respect. There were a couple of hiccups while transitioning from one owner to the other but now that everyone and everything is settled we are still very pleased to call Estancia at Morning Star our home. Stephanie and the rest of the girls really knocked out of the park!!

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Hello Patricia,

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a delightful review. Your kind words are humbling! The Estancia staff love what they do, and we’re really happy that it shows. Great residents like you make our jobs easy.

      The Venterra Team

  7. I have lived at the Preserve at Old Dowlen for the past year and I can honestly say that my experience has been exceptional. Chelsea Hubbard and her entire staff have been most professional and have been a tremendous compliment to the facilities that provide an outstanding environment to call home. While problems have been minimal, each and every concern was immediately addressed with the utmost care and with a solution that kept the resident first and foremost.
    Often times only concerns are shared but this management team deserves to be recognized for all the good things they do to make this community thrive.
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Trayce, Recruiting Specialist

      Hello Keith,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear that Chelsea & The Preserve team has made your experience a great one. We are lucky to have such a great team and you as our resident. If there is ever anything else we can do to make your home here more enjoyable, please let us know.

      The Venterra Team

    2. Hi Keith – I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you as our resident. The Team and I appreciate your kind words so much. If you need anything, just give us a call! – Chelsea; Property Manager

  8. The West End Lodge in Beaumont Texas is an outstanding place to live, I don’t worry about security, the staff and maintenance team our the best of any community that I’ve lived in. The maintenance team Ms Kitty, Sonny and other staff members perform an outstanding job resolving any issue that my arise. The grounds and buildings are well maintained. I would recommend this community to anyone seeking an exceptional place to live. I enjoy my Home.

  9. We have been trying to get ahold of you by phone, email now maybe smoke signals will work. you have some very serious issues going on here at Enclave in San Antonio. When I say we, Ivan me , my husband and many many other residents are very up set. your manager is keeping things from you. upon move in she even asked you to go to her not you but seriously we need to talk. so you have m email. please use it.

  10. Providence at Northlake has thee best customer service i ever experience. our main source of help was Tashina page i highly recommend her. She accomodated all our my needs for our new housing in a new area.. the area is amazing i cant wait to live there!

  11. We moved into West End Lodge in August and I think the gates have been not working more than working and the dumpster areas are nasty all the time and the staff in the office don’t seem to care when you let them know if I pay for A gated community that’s what I want or my rent to be less for not having it…not sure if we will stay after our lease is up..

  12. Hello,
    Is there someone that I can speak with in management? I contacted The Landmark @ MC after I was given a listing to help my brother find an apt. After speaking with Jennifer he filled out the app & used my debit card to hold the apt. He was denied the apt due to his broken lease being 5 months shy of 3yrs. When I spoke with Jennifer on 2/3 she advised it could take up to 31 business days for the $200 refund. I have spoken with her several times without much help. She stated that she didn’t have a corporate number because they were in Canada. After several weeks of waiting I called to speak with the property manager (again) and spoke with someone named “B” who I have to explain everything to. She then called me & left a message stating that they check would would be sent to the office & I would be contacted to pick it up. Again after waiting several more weeks I called the office. Asking to speak with the property manager. At this point Brandy takes over & tells me that they can not release the information because it wasn’t my name on the lease. She advised that my brother needed to call. AT NO POINT since 2/3 did ANYONE tell me this. I have not been able to speak to somebody other than a leasing agent & it is beyond ridiculous. I need someone in the corporate office to contact me!

  13. First of all …I am not sure how this apartment community has 86% ….no wait they tell people to writing a review when they do something good. I am a real tenant that is so disappointed with these apartments.

    Before moving in:
    I was moving from another state so I basically had a few day to shop around once I got to Atl. …after doing research on the internet I wanted to see three apartment communities in the area Champion Green being one on my list due to the reviews (I believe now they are some what fake). I was met by the seemingly nicest staff ever. They charmed me to death. I am not going to lie, I felt important but after you move in you see the real staff over the fake staff. I was in love with the apartment that they showed me however little to my surprise that was just the model … The real ones are a better dated. I did find this out until I drive 500 miles to move in.

    My Move in:
    My move in date was pushed back because my apartment was not ready. This would not be a problem however they had more than two months. They basically rented me an apartment that someone else wanted. This should have been my sign but I wanted to give them a chance. Big mistake. Okay the apartment I got was located in an area where I didn’t want. The lighting was bad, problems with snakes yes snakes…I was told to buy my own stuff to take care of the problem. I have been living in fear in this apartment due to the location. I tried to move but they told me that my rent would be more in the next apartment so that you can move if you don’t like it is a BIG FAT LIE.

    The Gym:

    Well its a great space but not a great gym the equipment is old and has been broken for most of my stay here. But it could be great if they updated it. They charge enough for these apartments to have a GREAT gym.

    The Grounds:

    They keep these up for the most part but pest control is not that great. Snakes are a problem here. The dogs poop on the grounds and some of the tenants don’t feel they have to clean it up. This I am sure makes it hard for the grounds men. My apartment has heating problems. The pool and tennis courts are nice but you can’t live there.

    The Staff:

    I love two people on the staff. Their real and amazing however one has moved to a new location… that was a big mistake he was so great, and then there was one among the others. My move in person was delightful nice and all smiles before I moved in but a bit shaded after.

    Renewal time:

    We have paid our rent on time every month sometimes even months in advise nevertheless now its time for my renewal… my rent is going up and they don’t even offer month to month at a rate that is humanly affordable. They said my rent would double if I lived here month to month. Not good.

    Sadly…I would not recommend these apartments due to the integrity of staff. Paying more rent for no changes or correction is not cool. The apartments are the same a year later why pay more. Don’t move here.

    1. Hi Tiph,

      Thank you for your feedback and for bringing your concerns to our attention. We are sorry to hear that you have had problems since your move-in and feel that they have not been addressed. We do strive to be the top leader in Customer Experience at all of our properties and when we hear of anything less than stellar, we do take it seriously. We have reached out to the manager, Kathi Price, concerning your needs and we ask that you please speak with her so that she can best assist you and your concerns. You can reach Kathi at or by calling the office at (770) 642-6221. If you feel that you need to speak with a higher power, you may reach out to the Regional Manager, Teri Davis, at We do wish to resolve these matters with you so please give us the chance to make a difference.

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