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Each year Venterra holds their annual “Kick-Off the New Year” party. The main purpose of this event is to recognize our outstanding employees, and reward them for their hard work. One person or property from every region is selected for each of the awards below, based on their performance throughout the year.

  • Property Manager of the Region
  • Assistant Property Manager of the Region
  • Leasing Consultant of the Region
  • Maintenance Manager of the Region
  • Assistant Maintenance of the Region
  • Make Ready of the Region
  • Housekeeper of the Region
  • Porter of the Region
  • Property Manager Rising Star
  • Assistant Property Manager Rising Star
  • Leasing Consultant Rising Star
  • Maintenance Manager Rising Star
  • Assistant Maintenance Rising Star
  • Make Ready Rising Star
  • Housekeeper Rising Star
  • Porter Rising Star
  • Resident Choice Award
  • I Made a Difference Award
  • Top Shop of the Region
  • Spirit Stick Award

Congratulations to all our 2012 of the year award winners!






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