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Every quarter Venterra participates in the National Benchmarking results with Ellis Management Solutions in Apartment Mystery Shopping. These results allow us to compare our company’s leasing performance to other national and regional operators. In addition to participating in the results each quarter, Venterra uses Ellis Mystery Shopping as a means to determine the level of customer service our associates are providing to prospective residents and current residents as well as to gage any additional learning and developmental needs. Ellis is also used as a tool to reward and recognize associates who demonstrate excellence and score 100% on both the telephone and in-person sections of the mystery shop. This achievement is recognized with the “Top Shop” award and a cash bonus each quarter. In 2012, out of an average of 40 top performing companies, Venterra placed 3rd in the National Benchmarking results in both Q1 and Q4 as well as placing in the Top Ten in all of 2012. This is an outstanding achievement!
We reached out to our Regional Leasing Managers, who train all inside employees using the Ellis criteria, to get their feedback on why having these results in place is important. Here is what they had to say:

Crystal Jimenez, our newest Regional leasing Manager says, “I think Ellis is important because it ensures that everyone walking through our front door is getting great customer service consistently. I feel Ellis allows us to measure our level of customer service and verifies that everyone is being treated equally and fairly. Being ranked in the top 3 doesn’t come easy, but our Venterra Associates have tapped into the secret of mastering the art!”

Eastin Isaac from Dallas and Tennessee says: “There are few tools more important for us than our Ellis shopping results. The candid feedback that we receive from Ellis shoppers ensures that we have a realistic snapshot of our associates. We can highlight those who are able to excel consistently and also bring to light those in need of some additional guidance. This lets us fine tune our training, identify the individuals with the most potential for growth, and give support to those most in need.”

Lastly, Chris Griffin, from the Houston North region, shares his thoughts on the importance of Ellis Benchmarking results: “Ellis results are key to showing our associates how to lease the Venterra Way and most importantly to ensure our teams are providing a world class customer experience. It really is an invaluable tool to pinpoint areas of improvement for all inside team members, both new and experienced and is a tangible example of their skills in action.”

In the words of our COO, Richard Roos, “Our commitment to making a difference in the lives of our customers and providing them with an exceptional customer experience is evident by these tremendous results! I believe truly great things are ahead of us, and I look forward to an even better 2013!”

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